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Tarvin Products is an experienced manufacturer of multi-family cabinetry. We have over 75 years of combined experience more than 2000 cabinetry and countertop projects. We have earned the right to say we are a respected multi-family cabinetry manufacturer in the Kansas City area based in Shawnee, KS focusing on apartment renovation.

We supply high-quality long-lasting cabinets to multi-family properties of all sizes and budgets. We provide exceptional project management and design services for apartment owners, regional managers, and construction directors. Whether you are building a new multi-family complex, completing an apartment renovation or upgrading an existing facility, Tarvin Products is a seasoned millwork company that specializes in designing, manufacturing and installing custom cabinets, countertops and hardware.

We can match to the properties existing style, provide facility upgrades or create custom designs that match your resident’s styles and colors. We work with property managers, general contractors, architects, and developers. Our detail-oriented designers and project managers have an outstanding portfolio of both multi-family cabinetry and residential projects. We provide the finest design and craftsmanship possible.

Multi-Family Cabinetry Requires Sustainability

Tarvin Products offers classy cabinet designs and seamless cabinet installations. Our multi-family cabinetry is durable, which means our products achieve unsurpassed results. Our cabinets are built to last, despite high-traffic usage.

Multi-Family Cabinetry Projects

Tarvin Products has provided cabinetry for over 2000 projects. When it comes to multi-family cabinetry, we know that each project is unique. We have the experience required to handle each apartment renovation project, no matter the budget or type of job.


Apartment owners face a challenge when it comes to remodeling or upgrading their multi-family units. Unlike residential projects, tenant turnover occurs sporadically, which could create issues with product availability, scheduling, product consistency. This requires precise scheduling and coordination. We have years of experience working with apartment properties. Our project managers and design team know what it takes to deliver high-quality cabinetry consistently job-to-job and installed on-time, every time.  


Not all facilities are the same and neither are your tenants. If you are looking for a company that can design kitchen and bathroom cabinetry specific to each tenant’s style, Tarvin Products is your millwork company. We can create designs that fit each resident’s desired look and style or we can create a whole new look for your entire complex.

Multi-family cabinetry, when done correctly, makes your property stand out against emerging apartment complexes. What Tarvin Products offers our clients is cabinet doors and countertops that raise the property’s value and attract residents.

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