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Tarvin Products believes your decorative cabinet knobs and pulls hardware is one of the most important selections to achieve your overall design aesthetic. Usually hardware is thought of more as an afterthought; however, selecting the right hardware is essential to the durability and style of your project. We think it is one of the first things you should decide. It is so much more than just the “jewelry” for your cabinets.

Hardware, such as hinges and slides, can end up spending you more overtime if you forget to seriously consider usage. Determining what the expected “normal” wear and tear is for your cabinetry will help you decide the type of hinges and slides you will need. You want to select hardware that will last, with little or no repair.

Decorative hardware, this would be your cabinet knobs and pulls, can have a huge impact on your overall space. In fact, updating your cabinet hardware can be a quick inexpensive way to change the look and feel of an entire room, especially if your budget it tight. Multi-family complexes can upgrade an entire kitchen at a fraction of the cost by simply changing out the cabinet fronts and cabinet knobs and pulls.

Tarvin Products is a unique company, providing expert cabinetry craftsmanship and personal service on every cabinet project. Contact Us today to find out more about the large variety of hardware we provide.

Tarvin Products has been a trusted cabinet maker for many years. We are a high-quality cabinetry contractor serving commercial facilities, insurance and apartment renovations, and multi-family properties throughout the USA. We are in Shawnee, Kansas, but our clients are national – proving our experience is respected.

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