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Cabinetry contractor Tarvin Products, in Shawnee, Kansas, is a seasoned millwork company that specializes in designing custom cabinets. We provide exceptional project management and design services for apartment owners, regional managers, and construction directors. With more than 40 years of combined experience, our design and distribution agency has turned more than 2,000 dream projects into reality. Our detail-oriented designers and project managers have an outstanding portfolio comprising of both commercial and residential works. With the goal of making our customers happy, we provide the finest design and craftsmanship possible.

Why Choose Tarvin Products

Tarvin Products is a unique company, providing expert cabinetry craftsmanship and personal service on every cabinet project. Our clients choose us because they know we are:

  • Meticulous – we pay attention to details and deliver stunning solutions every time.
  • Committed – we are honest and communicate throughout the project to ensure every project is deliver as agreed.
  • Flexible - we discuss and assess options to make creativity, function and value a reality.
  • Priced Right! – we set our pricing based on the materials used, experience of our team and current market prices, so you get quality results without price haggling.
  • Dependable – we use the latest technology to create 3D renderings which allows us to measure once and deliver exact match and fit now and for years to come.

Cabinetry Contractor

Tarvin Products has been a trusted cabinet maker for many years. We are a high-quality cabinetry contractor serving commercial facilities, insurance and apartment renovations, and multi-family properties throughout the USA. We are in Shawnee, Kansas, but our clients are national – proving our experience is respected.

Products include:

Using Technology to Get Quality Results

We use laser technology to map out every inch of your space. We take precise measurements and imagery to create and map out your entire facility. We use the 3D imaging to ensure the cabinets we create fit perfectly, we address any placement issues and we store this information so that the cabinet order today is just as perfect as the order you place 5 years from now.

Utilizing technology allows us to minimize costs. How? By only having to measure once and retaining the information, we eliminate the need to send people to measure and disrupt residents.

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