Insurance Restoration

Tarvin Products is the preferred cabinetry contractor for insurance restoration jobs. We use the latest in technology and have the years of experience that allows us to redesign or recreate the cabinets, countertops and hardware you need. Insurance adjusters like us because they can trust the quality of our work no matter how big or small the job. They know that our attention to detail and commitment to quality, means the work will be done well and as agreed.

When loss occurs, time is money and the most important piece of the project may be quick turn-around. Traditional means for estimates and bids can cause delays, which is why Tarvin Products uses laser scanning and imagery technology that allows us to obtain precise measurements. We use that to generate a realistic quote. Our estimates are delivered days, if not weeks, earlier than traditional collection processes, which save time and money. 

Not all damage or loss is the same. We estimate every job based on need. Fire damage may require structural work before our cabinets can be installed or perhaps all we need to do is replace the cabinet doors. We review all imagery and insurance restoration reports to create a complete estimate specific to the needs of each claim.

Tarvin Products is a leading insurance restoration cabinetry contractor that provides emergency and restoration services to insurance companies nationally. 

Insurance restoration is one of our top services because we improve response time and deliver quality products every time. Contact us today to find out more about how we use technology in our custom cabinetry and why we are a leading custom made cabinet contractor.

Tarvin Products has been a trusted custom made cabinet maker for many years. We are a high-quality cabinetry contractor serving commercial facilities, insurance and apartment renovations, and multi-family properties throughout the USA. We are in Shawnee, Kansas, but our clients are national – proving our experience is respected.

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