Cabinet Knobs And Pulls Open Up New Possibilities For A Custom Look

Cabinet knobs and pulls are sometimes overlooked when updating the cabinetry in your home or office. It’s usually just thought of as the hardware you need to open cabinet doors and drawers. What you may not realize is that cabinet knobs and pulls can also be used as an important part of your décor. In fact, changing the hardware on your cabinetry can enhance the space and change the look of an entire room.

The style of your cabinets helps reflect your style, a certain feel. Choosing the right cabinet knobs and pulls is the subtle accent your cabinets need to look complete and polished. Whether you prefer a modern look, a more traditional style or an eclectic mix, we have a wide range of door styles, cabinet knobs and pulls and countertops to choose from. Further, our design experts will assist you in finding just the right finishing touches.

In addition to finding the right style of hardware to complement your space, it is important that they are durable and of good quality. At Tarvin, our hinges and slides, doors and drawer fronts, cabinet knobs and pulls are of the highest quality materials and craftsmanship and built to last.

cabinet knobs and pulls selection Tarvin Products.When the cabinet knobs and pulls, drawers slides and door hinges wear out, they obviously need to be replaced for practical reasons. Even if there are only one or two handles or hinges that need attention, it can be an ideal time to replace all of your cabinetry hardware. You don’t really have to have a reason – but when you do decide, call Tarvin Products. When it comes to cabinet knobs and pulls, new door fronts or new countertops – we’ve got what you need!

As a well-established cabinet shop based in Shawnee, Kansas, we have been producing cabinetry products to residential and commercial clients all over the country for several years. We specialize in the design, fabrication and installation of cabinetry in hospitals, multi-family housing units, reception areas, hotel lobbies, college dormitories, conference rooms, workstations and more.  

Whatever your cabinetry needs, Tarvin Products can help. Using laser scanners and 3D imagery, our cabinet shop makes sure measurements are precise for your exact specifications. Contact us today when you need cabinet knobs and pulls, millwork or cabinetry work. We have helped countless residential and commercial properties with new construction, maintenance and renovations. Let us be your custom cabinet maker.

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