Call A Cabinetry Contractor When You Need Insurance Restoration Services

A cabinetry contractor is an expert at replacing or restoring cabinetry in residential and commercial properties that have been damaged as a result of severe weather, plumbing leaks and fire. For this type of damage time is of the essence and a cabinetry contractor should be contacted as soon as possible to begin the restoration process.

In less time than it takes to replace them, a cabinetry contractor can restore the damaged cabinet boxes, doors and drawers in every unit in your building to their original condition. All the finishes can be blended to match perfectly with the existing undamaged cabinetry. For an exact fit, laser scanning and advanced imagery technology ensures precise measurements for all your cabinet doors. In addition, a cabinetry expert can repair or replace cabinet boxes, and manufacture new supports and base sections.

tarvin-products-cabinetry-contractor-insurance-restoration-manufacturingTarvin Products provides nationwide insurance restoration services for commercial properties such as multi-family apartment and condominium complexes, hotels, motels, and resorts. Working with wood, laminate, granite and glass, our customized millwork, fabrication, restoration and refinishing services are relied upon by property developers, managers, owners and construction companies.

When you need repair, restoration or newly manufactured cabinetry services after a fire or any other incident that has caused damage to your apartment, condo or office, we’re the ones to call – any day, any time! 

Insurance Restoration Cabinetry Contractor

As a trusted cabinet shop providing emergency and restoration services to insurance companies anywhere in the country, Tarvin Products’ in-depth knowledge of multi-family projects and high level production meets the most demanding insurance industry standards. Importantly, insurance adjusters know they can trust the quality of our work. Our skills and experience enable our production team to redesign or recreate the cabinets, countertops and hardware to our client’s specifications.

A Tarvin Products cabinetry contractor is on-call and prepared to respond 24/7 to insurance restoration emergencies. When you depend on us, you can be assured of:

  • Expert Craftsmanship
  • Personalized Service
  • Customized Collaboration
  • Competitive Prices

We provide complete project management for commercial, industrial, institutional, historical and residential properties, large or small.

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