Complete Custom Made Cabinet Insurance Restoration

We provide custom made cabinet restoration for insurance companies following storm damage, kitchen fires, flooding from broken plumbing pipes and more, repairing, restoring and replacing cabinets in commercial and residential properties. After a disaster strikes, the last thing on your mind is the cabinets; even so, they are an important component of a property and need to be fully functional. Depending on the situation, mitigating the damages can be very time consuming and costly.

That’s where Tarvin Products comes in – not only can we handle the demolition and restoration of damaged cabinetry, but we can also rebuild them if needed. We work with insurance companies, property managers and homeowners to provide high-quality, affordable custom made cabinet restoration – anywhere in the country!

Tarvin Product’s custom made cabinet restoration includes fabricating new boxes, removing and replacing veneer, staining and painting, reusing or removing existing face frames, installing new or refinished doors and drawer fronts and hardware, repairing sink base damage, fabricating and installing supports and base sections, and more. Whatever is required to get rid of damaged and unsightly cabinetry, we do it all. In less time than it takes to replace them, cabinets can be restored to their original condition. Whether it’s a simple refacing or more involved rebuilding, our team of craftsmen are experts at matching finishes so restorations blend perfectly with existing undamaged cabinetry.

tarvin products custom cabinet maker damage restorationWe provide amazing results at a fraction of the cost of replacement by following a tested process. Combined with state-of-the-art, professional-grade tools and equipment, custom made cabinet damage restoration teams expertly remediate mold growth and the saturation from sustained contact with water. The porous water-soaked materials quickly begin to deteriorate. Fire damage can be even worse for the kitchen cabinets, bathroom vanities, built-in shelving, and furniture. It’s imperative to begin custom made cabinet repairs and restoration by professional contractors as soon as possible.

Our cabinet shop handles custom made cabinet projects of all types, including private homes, hospitals, apartment buildings, industrial complexes and more. When the cabinets have sustained damage, we have solutions that can save both time and money. We work directly with insurance adjusters ensuring all damages are completed and paid for with no out of pocket expense for property owners. If your home or business needs custom made cabinet restoration, call or visit us online!

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