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As a leading commercial countertop contractor, Tarvin Products provides hard surface countertops for a wide variety of commercial, industrial, retail and other business uses. Whether you’re looking to upgrade a hotel lobby, replace damaged countertops in an apartment complex, or you want that “extra something” to enhance your office space, we are a countertop contractor of hard surface countertops, including natural stone, such as granite, marble, quartz, onyx and more.

The use of natural stone for countertops is a growing trend for commercial use. Architects, designers, insurance companies, builders and commercial property owners throughout the country have relied on countertop contractor Tarvin Products for our skills and expertise incorporating natural stone for business applications. Stone surfaces are attractive, durable, and low maintenance, and are very versatile in how they can be used. Tarvin Products countertop contractor has a variety of unique, creative ways of using natural stone.Tarvin-Products-countertop-contractor-hospitality

For instance, reception areas, offices and conference rooms in hotels, law offices and medical facilities are ideal areas for marble, granite or quartz countertops that are not only beautiful to look at, but easy to care for and long-lasting. Restaurants and bars can create a particular ambiance with natural stone counters and bar tops of quartz or slate that are highly durable and resistant to spills and heavy use. If you need a conference table to seat a dozen people, or a wrap-around countertop to encase a central reception area, we can custom-fabricate any size or shape that you require. Further, a countertop contractor can help you create a unified design throughout your building by installing complementary travertine or granite countertops in connecting offices, breakrooms and bathrooms.

Tarvin-Products-countertop-contractor-commercial-officeCountertops by Tarvin Products countertop contractor are the perfect fit, every time. From the first measurement to the final installation, we ensure your countertops meet your exact needs. No matter what type of interior design you want, or what your specific use of the space is, we work with top-quality suppliers to provide you with a dynamic range of choices in materials, colors and textures for any type of hard surface countertops.

We are a premier countertop contractor for commercial properties offering excellent new construction and renovation options. Whether you are a designer or a business owner, Tarvin Products, with our diverse skills and quality work, is capable of servicing all types of commercial properties, such as hospitals, dental offices, retail facilities, restaurants, schools, law offices, hotels and motels, industrial complexes and more. Our experienced, knowledgeable designers and craftsmen are able to create all types of countertop options catered to your specific property. Tarvin Products is the best countertop contractor in the industry! Call today for a consultation to discuss your cabinetry and millwork project.

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