Custom Made Cabinet Home Office Trends In Kansas City

The demand for custom made cabinet products is high in Kansas City as more and more people are finding it necessary to work from home and continue their business remotely due to the coronavirus. These changes in how people work have inspired a trend for creating home offices and Tarvin Products is prepared to accommodate your needs. Whether you’re converting a bedroom or incorporating office space into the kitchen, we offer unique, custom made cabinet solutions.

Tarvin Products meets the heightened demand for home office design by following the trends that remote workers have established. The options for designing custom made cabinet products are many. Here are three popular trends in Kansas City for creating home office spaces:

Kitchen Office: Many households include multiple adults working from home, as well as children “learning at a distance.” Thus, the home office layout must adapt the space to accommodate the needs of all household members. A custom made cabinet kitchen island along with additional countertop work surfaces and power and charging stations improve workflow and production, and is a popular trend in many Kansas City homes.

tarvin products custom made cabinet home office floor to ceiling shelvesFloor-to-Ceiling Shelves: The trend of converting a small bedroom is growing, however, the limited space presents challenges. Custom made cabinet solutions expand the vertical space of the room by creating gorgeous floor-to-ceiling shelves that allow room for a desk with a couple of chairs and is a great solution for storing books and binders that you can easily access as you work.

tarvin products custom made cabinet home office storage solutionsDesks & Countertops: When space is limited, built-in office desks are a popular trend for getting around the issue. This beautiful desk and work unit is a perfect example of how you can get all the workspace you need plus storage for a scanner, printer, and file cabinets. Floating desks with floating shelves are also a good option for reducing floor space and open up a room. Another popular trend is utilizing bay windows to set your desk up and enjoy the view while you work.

 If you need to keep things organized our custom made cabinet options can create cabinets and bookcases to hold binders or provide a sturdy file drawer base in your desk to keep track of your important documents. We can also add a charging station to ensure all your office gadgets and tools are charged and ready when you need them. Tarvin Products’ designs our office cabinetry with such features as easy-access drawers and rollout trays. Function and convenience can be enhanced with new storage space for office-related odds and ends by adding conveniently sized cabinet dividers for storing copy paper, staplers and other office items.

tarvin products custom made cabinet drawers slidesWith our extensive collection of custom made cabinet styles, finishes and hardware, we offer everything you need for hard surface countertops, desks and shelving to meet your needs and style. Further, we can build a standalone desk or add a built-in desk into any room in your house.

When you need to create a functional home office to accommodate working from your Kansas City home, our efficient custom made cabinet contractors can provide exactly what you need. We’ll work with you on a design that complements the rest of your home’s décor in the colors and finishes to match. Contact us at 866-827-8461 for a free consultation today!

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