Custom Made Cabinet Insurance Restoration Services

Custom made cabinet restoration after a disastrous event strikes your business property can be daunting, and there is never a convenient time for these types of occurrences. Unfortunately, fires break out, water lines break, devastating storms hit, in addition to acts of vandalism or burglary – all of which can occur at any time of day or night. Significantly, with every hour lost to clean up and repairs, your business loses revenue as well as productivity. When unforeseen events happen, the insurance restoration experts at Tarvin Products have the experience and proven ability to assist you through the entire restoration process. We can deliver the most timely estimates at a competitive price, saving time and money. 

Tarvin Products provides custom made cabinet services to all types and sizes of industrial properties, including hotels, hospitals, office buildings, apartment complexes and college dormitories. Buildings may sustain damage to the cabinets, conference tables, reception desks and other furnishings, as well as wall panels, wood trim, wainscoting, doors and door jambs, and elevator cabs.

Most restoration work involves fabricating, refinishing and refacing. Some fire-damaged items need cleaning to remove smoke and soot, then refinishing. More severe damage may require complete stripping and refinishing. Ozoning to remove any residual smoke odors is often necessary, as well. Water damage usually requires restoring the damaged legs and cabinet bases. The majority of the custom made cabinet and countertop repairs are done on-site but there are many occasions where work is done in the shop.

Tarvin Products are the experts at restoring, repairing and refacing cabinets, cabinet fronts, countertops, hardware. When you need custom cabinet makers, we take all the worry and stress out of the equation because building and restoring custom cabinetry is what we do! Starting with the initial claims process with the insurance company, through the complete restoration of your residential or commercial property, we’ll work with your insurer to reach an agreement. Every estimate is based on the specific needs of your insurance claim. Whatever is required, we can obtain exact measurements with laser scanning and imaging technologies and prepare a 3-D drawing so you can see what the result will look like before work begins. This also enables us to compose a precise estimate for the project. As a trusted insurance restoration cabinetry contractor, we provide commercial property emergency and restoration services for insurance companies nationwide.

When an emergency arises resulting in damage to your cabinets, you need fast, competent help. Our efficient custom made cabinet contractors will redesign or recreate the cabinets, countertops and hardware you need, restoring them to pre-loss condition in order to minimize disruptions and inconvenience. Contact us today to find out more about our custom made cabinet services.

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