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Cabinet knobs and pulls are often underestimated when it comes to how they can be used to create a cohesive look in offices, apartments, hospitals, and more. Adding or replacing cabinet hardware is one of the best and most affordable updates that can be made in kitchens and commercial spaces, whether it’s upgrading existing cabinets or installing brand-new cabinet knobs and pulls on break room cabinets, wet bars and coffee bars, kiosk cabinetry, bathroom vanities, storage cabinets and more. 

Cabinetry hardware
 can add a great deal of style and personality, as well as improve functionality, in a room’s overall design. 
Many apartment homes, schools, and office complexes are using hardware in matching finishes to create a stylish balance to their space. Our supplier of cabinetry hardware, Hardware Resources, has many selections to choose from.

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Typically, most cabinets have all knobs, with only a few having all pulls. However, staying with just one type of cabinet knobs and pulls is limiting and not always the most functional. It’s easy to see why a popular trend in banks and insurance offices now is to mix-and-match cabinet knobs and pulls.


From a style perspective, using different types of hardware can give a room lots of character and add subtle visual interest. This can work especially well in a larger space when you want to avoid the repetition of using just one style of knob or handle for every single door and drawer.

In small office spaces, a popular trend is to add a touch of glam with glass cabinet knobs and pulls on a credenza or desk.

custom cabinet knobs and pulls

More substantial styles of cabinetry hardware seem to be trending in many commercial properties. That’s because they are often a better option for cabinetry that gets a lot of use, such as file cabinets and storage closets, due to their durability.

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Currently, gold, silver, or brushed pewter hardware is becoming a staple in office furnishings. The use of shiny brass finishes appears to be coming back into vogue.

Decorative cabinet knobs brass, pewter, glass

Let your creative spirit flow freely when choosing decorative hardware for your project!
Upgrading an outdated space or designing a new one can be an enjoyable experience as you explore all the many different styles and finishes of cabinet knobs and pulls available for commercial cabinetry. Even seemingly mundane hardware can in fact add a lot of style and interest to your cabinets. Whether it’s brushed pewter, glass, shiny brass or silver hardware, you have numerous options.

At Tarvin Products, we believe choosing cabinet knobs and pulls is one of the most important choices for remodeling and upgrading. We offer virtually unlimited styles and finishes for not only cabinet knobs and pulls, but also hinges and slides. We are a high-quality cabinetry contractor serving commercial facilities, insurance and apartment renovations, and multi-family properties throughout the USA. We are located in Shawnee, Kansas, with a nationwide client base.

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