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As a custom cabinet maker providing high-quality fine cabinetry for commercial and home offices, Tarvin Products is unsurpassed. Our cabinet shop designs, fabricates and installs office cabinetry, furnishings and fixtures for reception areas, lobbies, dormitories, conference rooms, workstations and more.

Through the skilled craftsmanship of our experienced staff and our reputation for delivering every project built to specification, we have been meeting the needs of both commercial and residential customers nationwide for years.

Commercial cabinetry includes a wide range of applications for business complexes, healthcare facilities, schools and more.

commercial cabinet maker business officeOffice Furniture and Cabinetry. Our custom cabinet maker can handle nearly any office cabinetry project including new construction and renovations. Whether you need reception desks, customer service centers, filing systems or teller stations, you can depend on Tarvin Products for high-quality product design, customization, and installation.

tarvin cabinet shop office cubicle furnitureOffice Cubicles. A custom cabinet maker meets the needs of many businesses by providing multiple workstations with base cabinets for housing office equipment, wall cabinets for storing files, floor-to-ceiling bookcases and plenty of countertop workspace.

cabinet shop office cabinets desks credenzasStorage Solutions. When you need maximum storage and organization for housing your computer tower, printer and other office equipment, a custom cabinet maker can match the finish, style, knobs and pulls of existing cabinets, and provide upgrades with special vented cabinet doors that prevent overheating, full extension glides that give easy access to drawers and doors, and other custom features. 

tarvin commercial file cabinetsMaximize Small Spaces. When limited space presents challenges, a custom cabinet maker provides solutions for expanding vertical space by creating bookcases, shelves and file cabinets that maximize the space allowing for storing files, binders and other materials.

tarvin commercial breakroom cabinetryBreak Room Cabinetry. Most large companies provide a breakroom in their facility, and a custom cabinet maker can manufacture and install base and wall cabinets and countertops to meet whatever your company needs. Whether it’s a wet bar in the boardroom, a coffee bar or lunchroom, Tarvin Products does it all to perfection! 

tarvin products home office cabinetsHome Office Custom Cabinet Maker. While we provide many solutions for cabinetry for commercial enterprises, we don’t neglect homeowners! Especially now, with the current trend of people establishing home-based businesses or working remotely from their jobs, choosing a custom cabinet maker to adapt a bedroom, kitchen or basement space in their home is in high demand.

Tarvin Products Custom Cabinet Maker Commercial Residential Nationwide ServicesNo matter what type of commercial cabinetry you need, Tarvin Products can help. Every project we take on involves the use of laser scanners and 3D imagery. We make sure our measurements are precise and we store the data about your cabinetry for future use. Should you wish to change your space or upgrade outdated cabinets or replace hardware, you can contact us with the confidence that we have your exact specifications on hand. We have helped countless commercial properties with new construction, maintenance and updates over the life of their commercial property. 

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