Custom Cabinet Maker Builds Home Office Desks and Cabinets

A professional custom cabinet maker can provide high-quality cabinetry products and installation for both new construction and home renovations. Home offices are more popular than ever with more and more people establishing home-based businesses or working remotely from their job due to the current stay-at-home policies the government has put in place.

Tarvin Products custom cabinet maker simple kitchen deskSome custom cabinet maker home office jobs are as simple as providing a built-in desk in the kitchen. Other projects include installing multiple workstations with base cabinets to house office equipment and wall cabinets for storing files. Some may also require floor-to-ceiling built-in bookcases. Traditional home office cabinets featuring a built-in desk and built-in shelves are still very popular, as well.

When you need to redefine an existing space in your home that is cramped and inefficient, a custom cabinet maker can design your home office cabinets to provide maximum storage and organization. You can hide your computer tower, printer and other office equipment in special vented cabinets that prevent overheating.

Tarvin Products custom cabinet maker built-in-home-office-furnitureFull extension glides will give easy access to the drawers in desks and storage cabinets. Custom bookshelves can create additional space for displaying art or arranging binders for work-related materials. You’ll have better use of the overall space to help your everyday tasks, and important business operations will flow more smoothly.

Tarvin Products is a high-quality custom cabinet maker serving homeowners, businesses and multi-family properties throughout Kansas City, Kansas. Our installations are performed with precision and our attention to detail covers every aspect of the home office project, including base cabinets, countertops, cabinet fronts, built-in desks, drawer slides, full extensions, soft self-closing doors, hardware, matching finishes and more.

Tarvin Products custom cabinet maker drawers slides hardwareTarvin Products is a custom cabinet maker located in Shawnee, Kansas, providing cabinetry products created through the skilled craftsmanship of our experienced staff. We work closely with architects, designers and general contractors to create unique and functional home office cabinetry for clients all across the country. Using laser scanners and 3-D imagery, we ensure our measurements are precise and accurate. We do it right the first time, every time.

When you trust Tarvin Products custom cabinet maker for your home office project, you’ll get the very best design, fabrication and installation in Kansas City. Contact Tarvin Products to discuss your home office needs and start planning your new home office today!

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