Choosing Kitchen Cabinet Knobs and Pulls: What You Need To Know

Cabinet knobs and pulls can add significant beauty and value to your kitchen and bathroom, and improve normal day-to-day function. You need knobs to open cabinet doors, broom closets, and pantry doors, and pulls on drawers and pull out shelving units. The choices for color, style and materials for cabinetry hardware is wide and varied. While there are no hard and fast rules there are a few things to consider when you’re selecting cabinet knobs and pulls.

When you are planning your kitchen or bathroom remodeling project, wait until you have chosen all of your other cabinet materials before selecting the hardware. Once your cabinets are installed you can select the style of cabinet knobs and pulls that have the functionality you need and the aesthetic appeal that will enhance your overall space.

tarvin products cabinet products bead framework It is recommended that you select cabinet knobs and pulls that are consistent with the style and lines of your cabinetry. For instance, a curved layout would include traditional raised panel doors, pillow-top doors, ogee edges on recessed panel doors, or beads on the outside framework. Curved style hardware with softer edges and more detail would be more appropriate for the more traditional design style. Alternatively, contemporary design with square style cabinets and sharper lines can still have round cabinet knobs and pulls, but with square contours.

tarvin-products-cabinet-knobs-and-pulls-olathe-kansasTrending in popularity for finishes for cabinet knobs and pulls, chrome and brushed nickel faucets and hardware can add interest to the look of your kitchen. This brushed finish is a great choice, as long as it complements the faucet. Antique pewter, light and dark bronze, satin brass, oil-rubbed bronze, aluminum, black matte, and rust can be used successfully. On the other hand, finishes that go well with a chrome faucet are more limited. In this case, white, black, dark bronze, pewter, or clear glass are a better option.

Tarvin-Products-apartment-renovation-cabinets-refacing-doorsAlso, it is important to consider how the cabinet knobs and pulls will be mounted. Knobs are fastened with one screw in the middle, and pulls are fastened with a screw at each end. For cabinet doors and drawers, only a light fingertip touch is needed to open them. Typically, a knob is grasped with your thumb and forefinger, but hooking a finger or two behind works for a pull. They need to be of appropriate weight – not too light and flimsy, nor too heavy causing them to put too much stress on the door or drawer, which can compromise the framework of your cabinetry. When making your selection, consider wear and tear, and select hardware that will last, with little or no repair.

Ultimately, you will get what you pay for in terms of the quality and longevity of your cabinet knobs and pulls. Tarvin Products believes your decorative hardware is one of the most important components of a kitchen remodel and is essential to the durability and style of your project. Updating your cabinet hardware can be a quick inexpensive way to change the look and feel of an entire room, but also importantly, it can have a huge impact on resale value and can be done at a very reasonable cost. At Tarvin Products, you get it all – beauty, style, quality and durability! To find out more about the large variety of hardware we provide, contact us today by calling 866-827-8461.

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