Custom Made Cabinet Options For Home Office Remodeling

Custom made cabinet companies offer several types of cabinets that are suitable for home offices. Home office remodels are ideal for choosing a custom made cabinet company for design and installation of fine cabinetry that matches the rest of your home’s décor and provides the dedicated space you need for your home-based business, a study area for the kids or keeping track of family finances. All you need is a desk, a good chair, a wireless connection and a laptop, and you’re good to go!

tarvin products custom made cabinet home office kitchen remodelThe wide variety of custom made cabinet options available from Tarvin Products provide homeowners with the opportunity to incorporate a home office into almost any area of the house. Even if there is limited space, our custom made cabinet work is designed to maximize functionality and provide attractive cabinetry solutions.

For instance, a popular option may be to co-opt a corner of the kitchen. With a custom-built desk and shelving, installing power and charging stations for your electronics, you’ll have everything you need to conduct business from home.


Right now is the perfect time to begin planning a home office! If your kids will be going to college in the fall, consider re-purposing their bedroom! Or if you have a large laundry room that doesn’t really need all that square footage, it could also provide the available space you need for a home office!

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Some modern homes have extra-wide hallways, which allow for great traffic-flow through your home. However, they also provide the kind of space you need to add a desk and a chair and maybe some custom made cabinet units for storage. Or you can take advantage of the alcove beneath the stairway to create a functional, compact home office space.

custom made cabinet home office alcoveMany homes boast large, open-concept living spaces, which is great! It may also be exactly what you need for doing your work from home. Custom made cabinet units, floor-to-ceiling bookcases and other special features can be blended with the room’s overall design. You get the place you need to do your business without sacrificing any of the normal comforts of the room.


Another great idea that is catching on is turning a large walk-in closet into the space you need. These are just a few examples for home office remodels – when you work with Tarvin Products, our custom made cabinet designers and contractors will work with you to come up with exactly what you need.

tarvin products home office design optionsLike any home improvement project, you can choose to go low or go high with respect to the budget for a home office addition.

Obviously, building a new room will cost more than using an existing room, but that extra investment may be worth it to you, especially if you want to be able to bring clients to your new space.


Tarvin Products is a fully integrated cabinetry producer based in Shawnee, Kansas, supplying high-quality millwork and cabinetry products for new construction and general renovation work. All of our cabinetry products are precisely designed and built to fit. For every home office remodel that we commit to, you can rely on custom made cabinet maker Tarvin Products for integrity, expertise and commitment to deliver the highest quality work product.

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