Custom Made Cabinet Shop Offers Top-Quality Insurance Restoration Work

Custom made cabinet contractors provide emergency services to insurance companies, multi-family housing managers and commercial property owners when disaster strikes. Hurricanes, tornadoes, floods and fires can wreak havoc on everything they touch. For this type of damage time is of the essence and a cabinetry contractor should be contacted as soon as possible to begin the restoration process.

Even normal wear and tear, over time, can degrade cabinets to the point where they have to be repaired or replaced. This can also be an opportunity to make modifications to update the look of the cabinets with features that also improve the value of your property, such as a wine rack, changing solid doors to glass, or installing new hardware.

Overall, a custom cabinet shop is capable of refurbishing damaged cabinetry in less time than it takes to build new cabinets and remove and replace the old cabinets. And it can all be accomplished with less disruption and loss of productivity. Even more importantly, the cost of restoration is significantly less than the cost to build and install all new cabinetry.

cabinet restoration paint touchupSome restoration tasks are as simple as thoroughly cleaning the exterior doors, drawer fronts and framework, applying touch-up stain and adding a top-coat finish. Once they evaluate your cabinets to determine whether the cabinets can be restored to pre-loss condition, and the best method of repair, our contractors will efficiently replace damaged areas and match the finish to the existing cabinets.

fire damaged cabinet restorationCustom made cabinet restoration for more severe fire and water damage includes disassembling and rebuilding the cabinets using the original face frames, and in some circumstances the doors and drawers. They are cleaned, deodorized, sanded, stained, and a top-coat finish is applied, although the boxes often must be replaced.

The existing non-damaged cabinets may also need to be cleaned and refinished to create a uniform appearance.

You can avoid the aggravation and time-consuming work of coordinating everything by allowing Tarvin Products to manage your restoration work.

We offer proven experience in insurance restoration in addition to cabinet replacement, home remodeling and new construction projects. 


Our quality custom made cabinet shop provides unmatched quality in the millwork and cabinetry industry, and our work is guaranteed.

Whatever our customers’ needs are, when it comes to restoring or replacing kitchen cabinets, bathroom cabinets and other cabinetry products, Tarvin Products is the custom made cabinet shop that does it all. Our experienced custom made cabinet contractor’s, in many cases, are able to work on the affected space during the restoration process without interrupting normal activities. Of significance, custom made cabinet insurance restoration is environmentally responsible by reducing waste, saving trees, and lowering emissions.

Whether you have a residential or commercial project, we have the expertise and qualified personnel to complete top-quality custom made cabinet insurance repairs and reparations.

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